We exist to Alleviate the effects of overcrowding and cluttered living space by lending a practical helping hand to the families that need our support.

​Challenge Network/NCS came to Spacemax workshop to start the process of setting up a Tool Library for the Residents of wandsworth this innitiative was started in partnership with The Inside Out School Battersea.


Although we appreciate and wellcome money donnations we value your time as donnation too so if you are an architect , carpenter , electrician , Soft furnishin company or any other proffesional that would like to give your time or resources to our work we wellcome you with open arms

In order to raise funds for spacemax's charitable work we partner with several supporters of our work if we get the jobs in they would donnate to spacemax a percentage of thier income.  

Suggestions or opinions?

Email you thoughts, or come see us in person.

13, Business Centre, Charlotte Despard Ave, London SW11 5HD, UK